Equine Dentistry

Clarks Grove Veterinary Clinic provides equine dentistry to keep your companion animal living life to the fullest.

Equine Dentistry in Clarks Grove, MN

Our practice has a particular interest in equine dentistry. All horses must get regular equine dental treatment throughout their lifetimes. Pain, anorexia (reduced appetite), weight loss, quidding (loss of food during eating), colic, and poor performance in horses can all be brought on by dental problems.

Equine Dentistry

Compared to dogs, cats, or humans, horses need a distinct kind of preventative dental care. Horse teeth grow between two and three millimeters every year. This means that as the teeth grow into the mouth, they must be worn down at the same rate by grinding on food that is abrasive and fibrous.

Inadequate tooth alignment, known as malocclusions, can result in uneven wear patterns, poor periodontal health, and even life-threatening oral diseases. Your horse should undergo a complete oral examination before receiving dental care, which can be facilitated by an anesthetic, a speculum, a light source, and a mirror or camera. The information acquired during the evaluation will serve as a guide for specific therapeutic techniques. Dental flotation smoothes out the cheek teeth’s sharp, uneven tips and makes any necessary adjustments to the chewing surfaces. If periodontal disease is evident, it should be treated when your horse is under anesthesia to have their teeth floated.